Exclases Group – one of the key stakeholders in the helicopter distribution and after-sales support market – presented the AW139 helicopter at the 14th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition, HeliRussia 2021, which took place at Crocus Expo, Moscow, from 20 to 22 May with 10,000 participants.


In the 20 years since its maiden flight, the excellent performance of this intermediate twin-engine helicopter and its ability to meet customers’ requirements have been proven time and again. The AW139 remains one of the most up to date and most popular models in the helicopter market today. It is equipped with the most spacious cabin and baggage compartment of its class, with finishing materials that are the best in the world and ultra-low vibration and noise level, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of both style and comfort. Statistics show that the VIP version of the AW139 is the top-requested helicopter in private and corporate operations. Within the framework of the HeliRussia 2021 business program, Exclases Group made a presentation addressing other prerequisites and the prospects of increasing the fleet in Russia.


For nearly 10 years, AW139 helicopters have been produced in Russia by HeliVert, a Russian-Italian joint venture between Leonardo Helicopters and Russian Helicopters Holding Company. The only foreign helicopter of its class to be exempt from import fees, this local manufacturing helped dozens of customers from Russia and CIS countries minimize costs right from the purchase stage.