On September 2019 Leonardo celebrated a historic achievement: the delivery of the 1000th AW139. Belonging to the AWFamily of products, the AW139 can perform a large number of missions thanks to its superior performance, proven technologies and safety features. The platform accommodates up to 15 passengers at the highest speed, in the most spacious cabin, with the best power reserve of any helicopter in its class.

Executive and Private Transport

The AW139 surpasses all other intermediate helicopters in terms of cabin flexibility, safety, speed and comfort. A unique combination of craftsmanship and latest technology, the helicopter redefines the paradigm of flight.

Medical and Rescue Services

The AW139 features a jointly developed configuration for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions and can accommodate a wide range of dedicated role equipment. Its advanced technology, safety design features and superior performance ensure effective intervention when somebody’s life is in danger. Category A with Performance Class 1 certification allows safe operations also in case of emergency conditions.

Security Services

Rapidity in the response and effectiveness during search and surveillance operations are keys to the success of the AW139 at the national, regional and community level. Numerous Law Enforcement, maritime/border patrol and Security Agencies around the world have selected the AW139 to fulfil their requirements.

Energy Services

The AW139 is ideally suited to demanding offshore missions thanks to its superior payload, range, speed and single-engine performance. The helicopter offers a comfortable travelling environment and an excellent operational capability even in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

AW139 / Avionics

  • System of automatic registration of flight parameters
  • Weather radar
  • 4 axle autopilot
  • HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System)
  • Helicopter Operations Monitoring Programme (HOMP)
  • Support NVG
  • Satcom Iridium satellite phone
  • Airborne warning system TCAS I Honeywell (Bendix King KTA 970)
  • FLIR
  • Emergency interior lighting system (HEELS)
  • Automatic search beacon ELT
  • Navigation system Moving map
  • Earth proximity warning system (EGPWS)
  • HF radio station
  • Radio station repeater
  • Long distance radio station

AW139/ Specifications


Internal loads



7 000


Max useful load (internal)



2 600







Powerplant (2 x Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C )

Maximum takeoff power (5 min)



2x 1 679


Maximum extended power



2x 1 531


Transmission power

Maximum takeoff power (5 min)



2 200


Maximum extended power



2 000


Fuel capacity




1 254


Additional tank






Pilot/ Passengers



1-2/ up to 15


Flight performance (ISA, 6400 kg)




Maximum cruise speed ( S.L.)




km / h

Rate of climb (S.L.)





HIGE (ISA, 6400 kg)



4 682


HOGE (ISA, 6400 kg)



2 478


Service ceiling



6 096


Maximum range



1 061



                                                          5h 56 min


Specifications and performance are subject to change by the manufacturer without prior notice.
Illustrations may include optional equipment that requires additional certification.

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